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The Watchmen of God

Author: Doyle Davis
June 01, 2023

The Watchmen of God (Ezekiel 3:16,17)

One of the most critical, if not the most critical, aspects of a people and a nation is the ability to secure themselves from the threat of danger. By whatever means or operation, that nation must have a way or ways to warn against approaching danger.

For example, our American government uses human agents and electronic technologies to maintain its security. Through the use of patrols at our northern and southern borders (theoretically), we guard against intruders. Our Coast Guard patrols the waters protecting our shores from encroachment on our three coastlines. We employ agencies like the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and others to gain intelligence in advance of some potential danger. Last but certainly not least, we use satellites, cameras, computers, and listening devices to obtain information to warn against danger. These are the methods and tools that America and other nations use to ensure their security.

Another kind of early warning system

The scriptures tell us, however, of another kind of early warning system, which, believe it or not, outstrips and is superior to any man-made technological invention. Its surveillance ability from the skies is unmatched by any satellite; no place exists where its listening ear or searching eyes can't penetrate; intelligence is gathered by millions of agents far and wide, seen and unseen. This intelligence agency, this early warning system is both celestial and terrestrial; it is both natural and supernatural.

What is this incredible early warning intelligence gathering system? And Who is its Director and command staff? This agency is none other than the Church, the Body of Christ, and its Director is none other than God The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! You and I have been called, recruited, and charged to be its WATCHMEN! 

God calls Ezekiel to be a Watchman

In the book of Ezekiel, we see that the Babylonians have taken the children of Israel and the nation of Judah into captivity. Many Jews are being held captive in Babylon, while others have been scattered among the surrounding nations. Many have been killed in the Babylonian invasion, while some survivors are living in the wreckage of Jerusalem or have fled to the countryside. All that is left is carnage and destruction, and because of these circumstances, the children of God—Israel—have lost hope and can not worship or practice their faith as God has prescribed.

God, however, calls Ezekiel to be a watchman to the scattered people of Israel. Ezekiel, as their watchman, is to give Israel hope by reminding her of God's unchangeable promises to her, but at the same time, warn her of the consequences of continued sin and rebellion. Ezekiel is to remind Israel that while God is loving, He's also just. While He's compassionate, He's Holy, as well. 

Are you God's Watchman?

God has His watchmen all over the globe, including here in America. We are those watchmen. We have been charged with telling a sinful, rebellious people, a perverse culture, and a corrupt government to turn from their evil and rebellion against the God of this universe! Unfortunately, many are failing to be the watchmen God has called them to be. Sadly, some may be reading this blog today. I don't know who you all are, but I do know one because sometimes I'm derelict in my duties as a watchman. Sometimes I'm too busy, tired, rushed, or whatever to stop and warn a brother or a sister in the Lord of their sinful ways. As God's watchmen, we are to be ever vigilant, always watching, looking for the approach of danger—God's judgment—and warning the people! ARE YOU GOD'S WATCHMAN?

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Doyle Davis

Doyle Davis is a Guest Blogger for WORDview Ministries. He retired after 21 years of service as an officer with the Houston Police Department. He attended Texas Southern University and the College of Biblical Studies. He is a Preacher/Teacher and has been a church planter. He has been married for 44 years and has ten children: (3) biological and (7) adopted. He currently attends Pine Forrest Baptist church in Livingston, Texas.