Quiet Time Journal

Quiet Time Journal - 5 Simple Steps

1. Relax

Slow down. Prepare your heart. Voice a short prayer asking the Holy Spirit to teach you through His word.

2. Read

Record today's Scripture passage and read it in three different translations. You can use a parallel Bible or an online Bible such as BibleGateway.com. Find a Reading Plan here or try using this sample passage.

3. Reflect

What did God say to you? Summarize the passage in your own words, paying particular attention to those things that drew your attention.

4. Respond

What are you going to do about what God said to you? How are you going to apply, practice or obey God's instructions today?

Give God S.P.A.C.E. to work in your life:
S - Is there a SIN to forsake?
P - Is there a PROMISE to claim?
A - Is there an ATTITUDE to change?
C - Is there a COMMAND to obey?
E - Is there an EXAMPLE to follow?

5. Request

Jot down specific prayer requests, especially those having something to do with what the Lord has just spoken to you. Spend a few moments in conversation with God about your requests.


This private online note-taking tool with journaling prompts is designed to guide you through the five steps of the WORDview Quiet Time. Your notes are never shared with anyone else and will not be saved after you exit this page. Please be sure to email them to yourself for safe keeping!

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