WORDview Quiet Times

What is the WORDview Quiet Time?

WORDview Quiet Times  are a unique form of "meditative reading" whereby participants read a short daily passage three times in three different Bible translations.  Then, using a simple five-step process, discern God's voice and respond to His Word through journaling and prayer.

WORDview Quiet Times are based upon WORDview Reading Plans that break Bible books into short passages for daily reading.  Each daily reading is designed for “inspiration, not perspiration."  The projected time commitment is just fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, with an option for further reading, meditation, or study on the other two days each week, as desired.

WORDview Quiet Times are based on Jesus’ teaching and personal example from Matthew 4:4- “…‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (NASB).”  In this passage the term “word” means “a specific, personal saying or message from God.”  The idea is that as we read the Bible God speaks to us personally concerning our specific, daily needs and living His will for our lives.  We are told to seek to hear from Him each day as our necessary “daily bread.”

What WORDview is Not…

  • It is not “a Bible Study”!  It is not a laborious, exhaustive Bible study.  Instead, the emphasis is on “inspiration, not perspiration.”  It is comprised of short, “bite-sized” readings from the Bible that can easily be meditated upon and responded to in a matter of just 15 minutes a day.  The emphasis is not on gaining knowledge, but on actually spending time with the Lord.
  • It is not a “devotional book”!  There are many good devotional books written by excellent Christian authors, and many can be helpful.  But in the WORDview Quiet Time you do not read a human author’s writings and opinions about the Bible.  Instead, you go straight to the source to hear from God Himself.  In devotional books you hear second-hand through a human author.  But in the WORDview format you receive first-hand from The Divine Author.
  • It is not “a chore”!  Many devotional plans can become legalistic and restrictive.  But WORDview Quiet Times are designed to be flexible and liberating, leaving you eagerly looking forward to your next meeting with God.