How Can Truth Be Determined?

How Can Truth Be Determined?

Author: Dr. Guy Jackson
December 01, 2019

"If we can't rely on politicians, media, or the opinions of others for the truth of a matter, how can that be determined?"

The above is a recent question I received, and it reflects an important issue of our time, especially in this day of competing and contradictory media outlets. How do we cut through it all and determine the truth?

There is a difference between "truth" versus "facts" and information. Facts, information, statistics and research can be slanted and manipulated to reach whatever conclusion an individual or group desires. Statistics and research are easily misapplied. Statistically speaking, a person ought to be able to stand with one foot in a bucket of boiling water and the other foot in a bucket of ice water and still be comfortable, fifty-fifty, right? But we know that the reality for that person is quite different from the "statistics." 

However, truth is different. Truth transcends "facts" and information. Ultimately truth is spiritual in nature. It is revealed, and revealed by God in the Bible. It requires faith because often, truth will be quite different from the "facts," advice, wisdom, and philosophies of man.

For instance, man's "facts" may say that a human is not a human until the heart begins beating in the womb, and thus, that "tissue" can be aborted with no consequences. But the Bible tells us that before we were even formed in the womb, God knew you. That is truth. Faith is required to believe that and to live your life accordingly, even when the government, the media, political parties, and a Supreme Court say otherwise.

You will not find truth in our media, or any politician, or Hollywood celebrity, or any human philosophy and institution. You will find it only in the Bible. The real issue is what the Bible calls "the heart." It is our inner moral decision-maker. It must choose to do what is morally right, even when it doesn't align with the values and practices of the world. The heart must first be transformed, "born again," and regenerated by placing one's faith in Jesus Christ. Then the heart must be informed, cleansed, and guided daily by reading and meditating upon the truth we find in God's word, His love letter to us, the holy Bible.

This is the only hope for our nation and our world. That is the mission of WORDview Ministries - to help train others in how to discover transforming truth through the Bible.