How Can We Know Right From Wrong?

How Can We Know Right From Wrong?

Author: Dr. Guy Jackson
October 20, 2019

"What do you think is the main reason humanity cannot agree on a common 'right' and 'wrong'?"

I noticed this question on a popular website recently and responded with the following:
Actually, as far as recorded history can be traced, humanity has had an amazing common agreement of "right and wrong." Generally speaking, most every civilization that we know of has had some type of code of morality or law system that included such notions as murder is wrong, stealing is wrong, lying is wrong, adultery is wrong, etc. The better question is, why? How did all of these cultures and civilizations come to have such unanimity on what is right and wrong?

The answer is that God has placed a conscience within each and every human being. That conscience is part of His image in us. It is a built-in sense of right and wrong. That conscience can be denied, violated, and can become calloused, but it is still there. When violated it causes a deep pain within that many try to manage in destructive ways, such as substance abuse, or promiscuous sexual relationships, or other destructive behaviors, in an effort to numb the pain. But it is actually an incredible blessing if we will listen to it and realize it can lead us back to the Lord for His guidance and enablement. When this God-guided and God-empowered conscience is obeyed, it brings a great sense of peace, joy, and well being with God and our fellow man. It brings blessings and a more prosperous life now, and great hope of eternity in heaven.

This is one reason why spending time with the Lord in His word and prayer each day is so important. It helps "recalibrate our magnetic north" (our conscience) so that it remains tender and open to the voice of the Holy Spirit. This is one of the benefits of using the WORDview Quiet Time format. It is designed to help us hear daily from the Lord so that we can know His will and obey it.