Parallel Bible Journal

Psalm 119 Parallel Bible Journal - $12

At WORDview Ministries, we understand how challenging it can be to carve out the time that is so necessary for our spiritual growth and personal relationship with God.

That’s why we developed the WORDview Quiet Time – just 5 simple questions, 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week will have a powerful impact on your life as you learn to discern God’s voice and obey His instructions.

And to help with this life-changing practice, WORDview offers our unique Parallel Bible Journal - the only journal of its kind on the market today. Each journal contains everything you need to accomplish a rich and transformative quiet time using the WORDview Quiet Time Method:

-The simple 5-step WORDview method, fully explained.
-10 days of selected daily Scripture readings from Psalm 119 in four different Bible translations.
-Daily journal pages with five questions to help guide you through your quiet time, side-by-side with the scripture readings.
-Access to our online library of resources that will help you get the most out of your time with the Lord.

These 'grab-and-go' journals are the perfect companion for your busy life. They also make excellent gifts of the Word to your loved ones. But best of all, our journal will help you "Read the Bible" so that you can "Change Your World."

"The way WORDview guides my time in the Bible has transformed it from God's holy book to His Living Word speaking into my life." - J.C., N. Carolina Buy Now style 2 button