What is Your Acceptable Sin?

What is Your Acceptable Sin?

Author: Jackie Jackson
November 17, 2019

Is there such a thing as a 'respectable,' acceptable sin? As I profess Christ publicly, I present myself as a Christ-follower, aka mimicker of Christ. But, do I represent Him accurately? I'm afraid I sometimes live as though some of my sins ARE acceptable.

...as I meditate on Romans, I read 'all unrighteousness suppresses the Truth.' (Rom. 1:18)

So when I give my pious self 'permission' to fail my Lord (insert sad face here), I am misrepresenting or suppressing who He is — Truth. 

Does bad language or an unkind word, or gossip, or a lie, or selfishness, or neglect of known needs of others, or pride, or fill in your _________ - does my self assessed respectable/acceptable sin matter? Does it 'suppress Truth?' Yes. 

Time for change.