What Others Are Saying



“I have gained much knowledge from the men of faith reading with me in my WORDview men’s group… This has been invaluable for me. Everyone is so encouraging and ready to pray for each other. A true blessing. Thanks for the invitation and mentoring.”
 -David A.

"The way WORDview guides my time in the Bible has transformed it from God's holy book to His Living Word speaking into my life."
-J.C., N. Carolina

“I really am glad to be a part of this WORDview Men’s group studying God's Word together. I really look forward to it each day. The group is made up of folks in all stages of their walk with Christ from new believers to seasoned pastors. It has gotten me back into receiving God’s Word daily.”
-Perry D

“I have been a Christian for over 40 years and attend church regularly. I have attended women’s Bible studies offered at my church. I go to retreats and conferences but until WORDview, I had never read a whole book of the Bible on my own. I had no idea what I was missing. I love this tool that effectively leads me deep into God’s Word and allows me to have intimate conversation with Him.”
-Heather H. Texas

“I have been truly blessed by the WORDview daily readings. Like so many others, I have read the Bible “off and on” my entire life. However, also like many others, I start reading and read through an entire chapter or two and many times do not fully understand or comprehend what God is saying to me …  WORDview has changed my life and understanding of God’s Word by taking a few verses in several different Bible versions to dissect and understand the meaning. In addition, there is the added bonus of reading my brother’s posts in our online group about what stood out for them. Wow. Thanks ever so much for this ministry!”
-Kerry S., Louisiana

"I am so blessed to be doing WORDview. Regardless the number of times I read a book in the Bible, our Heavenly Father inevitably has a new treasure for me. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm receiving from our discussions and God's teaching us in and through so many facets in His Word."
- L. D., Texas

“WORDview Ministries has impacted my daily devotion as I seek to grow in faith through an understanding of God's Word. Intentional reading of Scripture does not come easy, this is why the community of believers in WORDview groups is such an instrumental tool that keeps me motivated to open up His Word and develop a deeper relationship with our Creator.”
-Marco T.

“I began reading through the Bible with the WORDview format about 2 years ago. When we started school this year, I was encouraged to use our 30 minute commute to begin the method with my five kids, ages 8-16.  This morning, as I read through James 5:7-12 with my children on the way to school, I kept thinking what a relief it is to give God the burden of spiritually training them. I am merely a facilitator, guiding them in application of God's Word. An added bonus is giving them the moral reason behind all these years of instruction. Why don't we lie? Why are we kind? Why should we not "swear by heaven...or the earth"? Because right here in the Bible God tells us. Thank you God, for your Holy Spirit that beckons to us all and speaks to us all, right where we are.”
- P. A., Texas

“I got excited about WORDview... To be reminded, once again, that this is not... just to gain head knowledge - but the time I get to spend a few precious moments with the Lord gathering my daily manna, or "rhema", to gain intimate relational knowledge of Him. So necessary for spiritual growth!”
-M.W., Texas

“The WORDview Men’s groups give me the opportunity and pleasure to have biblical conversation and encouragement... Their perspective and ideas on the Bible is a real joy.”
-Doyle D., Texas

"I was introduced to the WORDview method by Roni in Iwakuni, Japan. We went through a few different books of the Bible using this method, which I was thankful for because it takes some time to get used to…it is quite different from any other study method I’ve done before. I just fell in love with it! And when we moved to Okinawa, I introduced it to our women’s ministry at the Base Chapel and they have loved it! The conversations that come out of what we got out of each day’s section of verses is just wonderful!! We have gone through two studies so far, but will do two more in the summer & I’m looking forward to seeing how the ladies continue to grow in their knowledge of the Word through it. Some ladies have shared with me that they have even used this method of study within other book/Bible studies that they are doing! It’s been exciting to see them so excited about it!"

- Lora O., Japan