What’s So Unique About The WORDview Quiet Time?

What’s So Unique About The WORDview Quiet Time?

Author: Dr. Guy Jackson
May 03, 2020

Those who try the WORDview Quiet Time often notice a very unique and powerful feature of this approach. It is what educators call “the joy of self-discovery.” It has long been noted that when we discover and experience something for ourselves, it has much deeper meaning, impact, and retention.

Unlike most devotional books or systems that have you read a human author’s observations, explanations, and applications from a Bible passage, the WORDview approach has you go directly, personally, to the Scripture for yourself to hear from the Lord Himself. Instead of getting it second-hand from a human author, you are getting it first-hand from the Divine Author. Instead of “borrowing” your relationship and experiences with Christ from someone else, you are “owning” and experiencing it personally yourself. And this is powerful, liberating and transformative!

Paul said the goal of our Christian life is “to know Christ” (Phil. 3:8-11). The word for “know” in Greek is “gnosis.” It means to “experientially know; a working knowledge gained from first-hand, personal experience; by direct relationship.”

The goal of your WORDview Quiet Time is not just Bible knowledge or information. It is transformation. It is to put you in direct contact with Christ, so that you can know Him, personally, in a relationship. It is to help you actually spend time with the Lord Himself in His love letter and in prayer as a dialogue with Him. One Bible translation calls it the “…privilege of intimate conversation with God.” (Gal. 4:6, The Message).

It is our prayer that as you use the WORDview method, this will be your experience and joy also.

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